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Louis Mofsie is a Native American from the Hopi and Winnebago tribes. His father is from Second Mesa, Arizona and his mother is from Winnebago, Nebraska.

Louis is a retired art teacher and taught for 35 years at the Meadowbrook Elementary School located in East Meadow, New York. Louis is a founding member of the American Indian Community House, he served as the chairman of the board for over 15 years. Louis is Currently the Director of the Thunderbird American Indian Dancers, the Dance Company he helped originate in 1963.

For over 40 years The Thunderbird American Indian Dancershave featured a diversity of dance forms that reflect the group's multicultural tribal membership. Their mission is to preserve and perpetuate American Indian cultures and promote a more realistic understanding of Native American cultures through their performances and other activities.

In New York City the Thunderbird American Indian Dancers have performed at the American Indian Museum, the American Museum of Natural History, the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the Brooklyn Museum, the New York's World Fair, Columbia University, New York University as well as at countless schools, churches and performance spaces. Internationally, they have also toured Europe and Asia. All of the money raised by the Thunderbird American Indian Dancers goes to a scholarship fund for Native American youth.

As an artist Louis has illustrated 3 children's books, "The Hopi Way", "Coyote Tales" and "Folktales of the American Indian" which was written by Dee Brown. He has recorded two albums, "Louis Mofsie Traditional American Indian Songs and Music" and "Dances And Songs of the American Indians".

Louis now spends most of his time touring with the Thunderbird American Indian Dancers. For more information, visit: www.thunderbirdamericanindiandancers.wordpress.com